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The Importance of Preplanning:    Fire Departments have to prepared for many different possibilties when responding. Accurate maps and preplans are essential to ensure the safety of the public and the responders.
Some of the services we offer are:

Preplanning:    We can draw you preplans from nearly any format you can supply them in, including digital, blueprints, fire safety plans, and many others. We can also convert your existing preplans to a digital format. Loaded into a laptop, tablet or other electronic device, they can be used by responding crews in the apparatus. If your organization currently does not have preplans or maps, we can design and produce all your preplans and maps to fit your department's needs.

Preplan Access:    We can design a system for your laptops for quick and easy access to your preplans and maps using the touchscreen on your truck-mounted laptops or tablets.

Preplan Training:    A large amount of information can be placed on a preplan. Depending on your department's needs, we can design a set of symbols best suited to your department, and train your personnel in gathering, organizing, and processing information required for your preplans.

Consulting:     We can consult with you and your department, identifying preplanning and mapping areas that could be improved, and offering timely solutions.

Experience:     With a combined 55 years in the Fire Service, and 35 years in preplanning, our main focus is on first responders in the fire services. However we can also tailor our services to meet the needs of private firms and small business.